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Website Maintenance

Just about everyone has a website these days. But do you know how to properly maintain yours?

We can offer you a very competitive price based on your needs. We can be your website updater, and you can email content to us to be placed on your organisation's website, usually within one business day of request. You can also request one-off updates which require more technical expertise than you have (for example, adding images or extra buttons, which change the page layout). You can also talk to us about a copmlete package of re-design for your website.

Nobody wants to read an ugly page. Talk to us now about how to make your website more pleasing, and more likely to maintain the interest of your readers.

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"ANZATS, as a not-for-profit professional organisation, needs a functional, user-friendly website. Being accurate and up-to-date matters much more than the latest moving graphics or soft-toned pix.

Simon Davies provided us with a relevant, attractive design, and has a sustained record of responding quickly to updates and requests for change.

Costs? Not bargain-basement, but excellent value for our members' money."

Charles Sherlock
Executive Officer