ProTech Sound: Yamaha DM2000

Audio Training

Many organisations own their own sound eqipment, but may not know how to get the best sound out of their system. ProTech Sound is able to train your existing staff members / volunteers to get the best out of your existing audio system. We can run one on one training sessions, as well as large group tutorials on how to use a live sound system, right from microphone to speakers or CD production. We work with all skill levels, from basic system flow, right up to advanced mixing with bands. We understand budget limitations, and discounted rates apply for churches and charities wishing to train their members.

Talk to us today about how we can help you get the most out of your existing system. We can also help you upgrade or replace your old system if needed, or fit out a new room.

Case Study

One training seminar that ProTech sound has delivered was for a local church. The training morning involved a basic introduction to the system flow for people without any audio training, including diagrams, from microphone right through to speakers, including all components in between. This also included training for regular maintenance of the equipment. This training seminar was for a group of about 10 people, and also covered some advanced features such as computer and cassette recording audio, auxiliary sends for the crèche and crying rooms, equalisation, and grouping.

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"Simon from ProTech Sound was able to effectively communicate in-depth information to a group of relative novices, presenting complex skills in a clear format.

The training session provided was helpful, and proved to play an important role in establishing focus again in this ministry."

Andrew Murray
Audio Team Member
Hurstville Presbyterian Church