ProTech Sound: Yamaha DM2000

Editing & Mixing

Whether you just need to crop your files down from large a large conference recording into individual tracks, or if you need a full EP or Album edited and mixed ready for CD production, ProTech Sound is able to help.

Want to digitise those vinyl albums, so you can listen to them on your computer / car / iPod? Want to put your cassettes onto CD but don't want that nasty tape hiss? Then talk to us about our digitising and audio restoration solutions, which can be tailored to your needs.

As experienced Pro Tools users, we are able to successfully mix to your market. If required, we are also able to act as an Editing Producer of the music, with experience in guiding the creation and feel of songs to create maximum impact.

We have access to Pro Tools HD and Pro Tools LE systems, and have been editing and mixing music and speeches since 2004.

Talk to us today about your editing and mixing needs.

Case Study # 1

An example of production / editing / mixing we have been responsible for was for a rock band, who produced a 4 track EP. The client was having some troubles recording a particularly difficult bass line, and we were able to edit together the best sections of each of the takes. Later, on this same project, ProTech Sound acted as the producer of some of the songs, giving the client an example of removing the bass and guitar from a number of sections of the song. The client loved what they heard, and put the edited version on the EP, and played the song with the breaks from then on in live situations.

Case Study # 2

One example of digitising music we have done is to turn a 90 minute cassette of a Peter Allen concert into a CD. This was made possible by recording it using quality equipment into Pro Tools, then manipulating the audio signal to remove unwanted tape hiss inevitable with cassettes. The next step was to carefully edit the tracks to fit onto an 80 minute CD for playback.

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