ProTech Sound: Yamaha DM2000

Live Production Services

ProTech Sound is able to provide you with all your live production audio needs. In various scales, from small events and individual presentations, to large multi-room events and conferences, and live music production, we are able to design, set up, and operate an audio system to suit your requirements and your budget.

Case Study

One live production that ProTech sound has covered was a multi-day medical conference. The event required nine radio microphones in four separate operating rooms to be individually controlled while simultaneous procedures were under way. The audio was broadcast to a 500 person conference room, 800 metres away. In turn, the conference room had its own independent multi-channel sound system, and had two way communication to the doctors 800m away. There were also auxiliary rooms receiving various audio streams of the conference, as required.

Get in Touch!

"We presented ProTech Sound with a very difficult location and complex audio problem and Simon from ProTech provided us with quality live audio, and was easy to get on with.

He worked with us to make sure that the event audio was of the highest quality at all times."

Chris Henwood
Snr Technical Officer