ProTech Sound: Yamaha DM2000

About Us

ProTech Sound is a small business, able to help you on a personal level, with the audio and technical services you require.

Simon Davies, Director of ProTech Sound, holds a Bachelor of Creative Technology: Audio Engineering and Sound Production (Distinction). He began his involvement in live production in 2001, mainly with volunteer work. He has since worked for several audio companies, and gained a wealth of knowledge in a variety of audio situations through work and studies, and is now proficcient in system design, PA operation, multitrack recording, music and speech editing and mixing, audio restoration, and website maintenance.

Whether it is live audio production that you require for your conference / event's needs, or if you would like a recording made either for commercial or archival purposes, ProTech Sound can provide these services for you. We have experience in editing and mixing for short film, recording, editing and mixing for bands, and producing a quality sound.

ProTech Sound is always on the lookout for a new and different sound. Check out the photo gallery for some microphone comparisons when recording acoustic and electric guitars. Although this was time consuming, the client received a comprehensive selection of tracks for the one recording, enabling them to notice the difference in tones between microphones, and select the perfect mix for their needs.

We are able to service your IT needs, in upgrading or simplifying your current system, in a budget that suits you. Through the use of correct power protection, you are able to ensure that your expensive equipment will not be damaged.

We manage a number of websites, and would be happy to discuss ways that we may be able to help you further yours. From maintaining a website's content, to an active redesign using our partners, we are able to service your website's needs.

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