ProTech Sound: Yamaha DM2000

IT Solutions

We have IT solutions to suit just about all your needs. With our partners, we are able to bring you quality IT products at a reduced rate. We have experience with Mac and Windows, and are able to help you with software issues.

The training we can provide you on how to better use your existing equipment and software, or to suggest some upgrades to your systems, could save you hundreds of dollars in effective work time alone!

Surge protection is important! Not only could an electrical strike in the power lines disrupt your expensive equipment plugged into the power point, such as TVs, computers, stereos, fridges, air conditioners etc, but also the problem could be much more dangerous than this.

Think about the TV antenna on the top of your building. It's acting like a giant lightning rod, just asking to be hit. Now what's connected to your antenna? Yep - your VCR / DVD recorder, and in turn, your flat screen TVs, and if that's electrically connected to anything else, then your computers, stereos, and all other electrical equipment is at risk! Talk to us today about how we can help you minimise the risk of damage to your expensive equipment.

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